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July 19, 2008


The OES has already submitted an Initial Damage Estimate (IDE) up to the state. This data is used as the basis to make the initial request for federal assistance. Step two in this process is for the State and FEMA to conduct a Preliminary Damage Assessment, where they verify the initial damage estimate. We are finally at step two! Once completed we will finally have a decision on federal assistance (Step 3.)

Please help us in contacting ALL of the listed residents and businesses who had damages and lost revenue. We still have not received completed damage surveys from most residents and/or caretakers & owners. If you know how to get in touch, please have them complete the forms below.

There are two options.

Option A:

Click on the two links below, complete them on your computer and e-mail them to the address listed below:

Form 1 – Business and Economic Impact Assessment – Excel Spreadsheet (For Business Owners and Self-Employed Residents)

Form 2 – Business or Residence Damage Survey – Microsoft Word Document (For Individuals and Businesses with property damage)

E-mail completed form(s) to Rob Clyburn at

Option B:

Click on the links above, or the more print-ready forms below, that you can fill out by hand and return at a table that the CPOA will staff at the Big Sur Bakery on Monday, July 21st, from 10AM to 12PM.  They will assist you in filling these out if you have questions:

Form 1 – Business and Economic Impact Assessment – text file (For Business Owners and Self-Employed Residents)

Form 2 – Business or Residence Damage Survey – PDF (For Individuals and Businesses with property damage)

Please let your neighbors know!


7/7 – Re-entry update from OES

July 7, 2008

This is from Rob at the Monterey County Office of Emergency Services.  He’s a key player on the re-entry team. This info is from last night, coming late. (Sorry, I’m tired.)  We will continue to post news directly from Rob here specific to the re-entry and re-build.

7/6 meeting notes, updated and revised by Rob 7/7 am:

Our priorities are to complete a comprehensive damage assessment. There is no set damage threshold that has to be met before FEMA can provide Individual and Household Assistance, but is tied to the extent
of damage.  Individual assistance was included in the governor’s request which has neither been approved nor denied by FEMA. The US Small Business Administration is also able to offer assistance to businesses
and individuals, but only after 25 structures have been damaged and FEMA has made a decision.  If a home is a business, we get to count it twice.

Assistance from public and governmental agencies to repair public utilities, etc. is available from the governor and we are working to get that engaged. We are also working on getting a local assistance
center set up that will serve everyone who has been impacted.  The County understands there is a substantial economic impact from this fire. We know that most residents and business owners rely on the summer
season as their source of income for the remaining year.

If FEMA does not approve full disaster assistance, we have already requested that state emergency agencies work with us in getting state and federal assistance for longer-term housing issues during the rebuild.

We understand that this is the most critical tourist time and creating a high economic impact.  We will explore options for very low interest loans for rebuilding and repair costs for business and individuals.

Environmental recovery: the forest service is looking at their portions and we are taking information from the damage assessment –  We have started the process to have a state Burnt Area Environmental Recovery (BAER) team provide assistance. It will be a continuous process to develop information on burnt area environmental impacts so we can get assistance on restoration.

We are also getting assistance for debris removal.  State and federal sources will absorb 75% of those costs.

We need the community to come together and form single voices to talk to us so we can focus on the issues as they are presented to us.  We recommend getting a community committee together to discuss issues specific to re-entry and recovery.

We cannot predict when re-entry will happen.  We’re drafting re-entry protocols that all parties (including the community) will agree to, so that no further bureaucratic processes get in the way. Our first priority is water and along with that sewage or septic systems.  PG&E is responding to our request to restore utilities as fast as possible.

The county has codes and provisions to address rebuilding which will help to speed that process along.

There will be tax relief for Big Sur victims, including business taxes. Specific tax information will be provided as soon as we know the full extent of options available.

If you know your home may have been damaged, please fill out a form  at the Red Cross desk, do a sketch map with directions to your house  on the back, and we will include it in the damage assessment.

My thanks to you and the Big Sur community. More news to come!

Rob Clyburn
OES, Monterey County
(831) 796-1902

7/5 noon: Molera to Ventana update from the Highway

July 5, 2008

Reported by phone from Jonathan Farrington:

Walking through Ventana campground, it has burned down to the GM house, burned on the east side of the staff housing all the way around to the upper staff housing, but all structures are intact.  Other than spot fires, there are no active fires in this immediate area right now.  All appears to be pretty calm this morning from Pico Blanco through the state park, but visibility is very poor today because the smoke is so heavy.

No fire is visible from the Highway between Captain Cooper and the Loma Vista area.  There are some backfiring operations happening into the canyon on the east side of the highway across from the post office/ bakery/ Loma Vista area that appear to be going as planned.  There is still no fire on the west side of the highway.  And to answer some questions I’ve been getting, the Captain Cooper fence and signs there are confirmed safe.

FEMA trucks have been coming through and gelling buildings.  They gelled most of the Ventana structures.  All structures visible from the highway between Molera and Ventana have engine protection right now.