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October 17, 2008

From Los Padres National Forest at Noon 10/17:

Monterey County Sheriff’s Department has issued an EVACUATION WARNING in effect for the Limekiln north and the New Camaldoli Hermitage.  This warning is given for affected areas where there is imminent threat to life and property.  Persons who receive this notice should evacuate in accordance with the direction of the deputies on scene.


An EVACUATION WATCH has been issued by the Monterey County Sheriff’s Department for Lucia north to Lopez Point.  This order is for areas where a threat to life and property exists.  Persons issued this notice are not required to evacuate but should be prepared to evacuate should an Evacuation Warning be issued.

Significant resources (handcrews, engines and dozers) are engaged in structure preparations.

The fire was very active last night and spread north towards Twin Peak into the west fork of Limekiln Creek testing contingency lines.   .

Air tankers and helicopters making retardants and water drops to reduce fire intensity and slow the fire’s spread and crews are working direct where possible.  Fire fighter and public safety remains the highest priority.


Important Chalk Fire Information

October 17, 2008

WIth the extremely hot and dry weather, fire conditions have changed and put officials on alert at the Chalk Fire. The USFS upgraded the growth potential of the fire from “low” to “medium” last night and issued this statement:

“Tomorrow a firing operation may be initiated to strengthen hand line and retardant line that was established along the top of the fire from Cone Peak to Twin Peak and southwest from Twin Peak towards Highway 1. The firing operation will be completed in two phases. Because of the rugged terrain and to minimize risk to fire fighters, the first phase may be completed by helitorch. The second phase will be by crews hand firing from Twin Peak towards Highway 1. The firing operation may take several days to complete. There is no immediate threat to Limekiln, Lucia, Lopez Point or the Hermitage, however, residents should stay alert to the fire’s activity in their area. If evacuation steps are needed, the Monterey County Sheriff’s Department will issue the notice.”

Kate Novoa published this statement from a local firefirghter, also from last night:

“Some talk of an IMT being ordered if conditions don’t moderate over the next day, or if contingency lines don’t hold. The original concern was brought forward by the LPF FFMO on Tuesday as fire conditions were changing significantly on the incident. Concerns were based upon reports from the Type 3 IC and his ‘team’ and forwarded upwards to ‘the Line Officers’ for decision. Several ground resources from SoCal fires reassigned to the Chalk Fire today, including an aerial armada including ten airtankers, multiple helitankers, helicopters, and aerial supervision. While the line officers waited, the fire made the ultimate decision, necessitating immediate fire management action.”

For Inciweb updates on the Chalk Fire:

For some spectacular images of the fire around Cone Peak last night, visit:

Also, there will be a Community Meeting for residents impacted by the Chalk Fire with the BAER Team:

Monday, October 20, 2008
4:30 PM
At Community Center, Pacific Valley School

Heavy Chalk Fire Activity Today

October 16, 2008

As most of you in the area can probably smell or see, the Chalk Fire is burning very actively today at the top of Hare Canyon.  As of last night, the Forest Service is still reporting that full containment is expected by tomorrow and no structures have burned or are threatened.  Remember to take care, especially when doing much outdoor activity, on poorer air quality days.

For updates, please visit:

More Cove and Chalk Fire Info

October 15, 2008

Reported from Jim Kimball this evening:

This morning (Wednesday) a fire brigade person spotted a smoke while she was descending from Partington Ridge and also close to that same time the State Park reported a smoke some 300 yards east of the Highway near JP Burns State Park, The Air Attack over the Chalk Fire flew up the coast and located the smoke on the Tin House Road at the 1200 foot level,

The Chalk Fire diverted one helicopter to help with bucket drops on the Tin House incident and while in that process snipped a power line at Partington Cove, which started another fire, the Cove Fire.

The Cove Fire was burning up a very steep slope right next to the highway creating a hazard of falling debris on the road below. I waited on the south end from around 12:30 to about 14:30 to proceed north. I am not sure if the highway stayed open from that point on or if it was closed down again due to the hazardous fire conditions.

The Chalk Fire has threatened to cross the Hare Creek drainage to the north side above Lime Kiln State Park and if it does it would possible burn all the way to the established contingency lines all the way up to Twin Peak. The helicopters assigned to the Chalk Fire have been limited due to smoke in the burn area yesterday but were thought to have better visibility today. Today at noon the Incident Command for the Chalk Fire changed and as the Cove Fire had requested a full response, which should have included an additional helicopter, (537 I believe) the new IC denied a request for any of the Chalk Fire Helicopters.

The new helicopter arrived but possibly in need of a bucket, and a refueling. Not sure how that all worked out as I left the area.