Update from Local Fire Fighter for July 11th


Hi! I just got this

“Good Morning,
Got a good nights sleep last night thanks to fire fighter Nick going to 6 AM briefing this morning. Just got off the phone with him. Things appeared to be going well overnight. The areas we refer to as Div. AA and BB (basically from Bottchers Gap to the coast) are holding well and now they are in pure mop up mode. Div. CC, Bottchers to Big Pines has been back burned, there are concerns about unburnt islands of fuel in this area and I would be very surprised if we did not see some more big columns of smoke coming from that area today. No new information on the continuing burn out operation between Big Pines and H-29 (sort of the center of Danish Creek), but no news usually is good news or at least not bad news. The winds are set to shift today from NW to SW, though only 5-10 mph. That should not be too bad for us. We are not in the clear yet, there is still the possibility of one of these islands burning hot and causing spotting over the line, but I feel much, much better today than I have in the last week. So stay prepared, but very optimistic as we move hopefully into the last few days of this fire posing a major risk to our little community.
Rested and smiling,


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