7/11 1pm: Updates from the north, south and eastern perimeters


In response to a number of questions about large plumes of smoke visible in the past couple days in the north, and reports of a line breech in the south, I did some digging around today and have some basic info below.

Please note that this news blog was created in response to a need for information specifically in the Big Sur community by Big Sur resident volunteers.  We recognize the Basin Complex fire is far from over and now threatens other areas – our heart and thoughts are with you! We (I) don’t have the resources, knowledge or capacity to keep the news flowing here for other geographic areas though, and other blogs are popping up to fill that gap. We will continue to post official news updates on the site throughout the fire.  For official information on what’s happening on the northern line, please call 831-622-0825. For the eastern and southern areas, please call 831-656-3963. Thanks!

As of 1pm 7/11:

In the north, the fire has reached the original dozer line by Devil’s Peak and there are backfiring operations happening all along Devil’s Peak east toward Los Padres Reservoir. There have been large islands of fuels burning in these areas, causing dramatic plumes of smoke, but as of this afternoon there are NO reports of the fire having crossed the original dozer line.

Regarding the Cone Peak area – there was a 500 acre slop over the fire line. The fire crossed over Arroyo Seco trail. Since that time they have received lots of air support and as of this afternoon they feel confident this area is now controlled.

Reports on the ground down south today are reporting that Dolan ridge looks quiet, and there are no visible plumes from upper Devil’s canyon.


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