Locals returning and readying businesses for opening


First, the Big Sur valley does not appear to be threatened by fire any longer. Second, it looks like we have turned the corner on the fire situation for Big Sur businesses as a whole. On Wednesday the core of the business district had health inspectors come in to check water delivery systems, etc., for housing, and businesses. I believe all businesses passed and we’re on to the next phase of the regulatory agencies. All and all it was a good day.

A few businesses opened their doors for business for the locals and the firefighters and others spent the day welcoming the work staff back to Big Sur and began the cleaning process. The biggest problem for most businesses is cleaning off the ash from windows and decks. A few spot fires that hardly drew a glance flared up in varying places along the Big Sur valley wall looking like a campfire out of place more than anything else.. The long and short of it is that we are now preparing for the reopening of Big Sur. A date positive has not been set precisely but next Monday is the projected date. The Big Sur Chamber of Commerce has asked for a re-evaluation every 24 hours. We are diligently working with the agencies responsible for public safety and as soon as the regulatory agencies have cleared all the necessary requirements and have assured public safety,  Big Sur will be open to receive guests again.
We thank everyone for your understanding in this challenging time  and we look forward to welcoming you, our friends, families and travelers all back to Big Sur. Please watch here and the Big Sur Chamber of Commerce website for a specific date for reopening. http://www.bigsurcalifornia.org
Wednesday I watched the sunset through the Big Sur Valley and celebrated with the workers as they returned to Post Ranch Inn. The colors and the nuance of light was ominously spectacular as smoke from the Little Sur river watershed lifted above the Big Sur river valley, casting a bruised colored shadow on the ash covered hills.
Big Sur Valley from Post Ranch Inn

Big Sur Valley from Post Ranch Inn


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