7/10 5:30 – Tassajara Update


Reported at 5:30 on the Tassajara blog from a friend of those who have stayed at the retreat center:

I just spoke to Timothy Johnson, MoCo EOC, Fire Branch Manager who told me that the fire has now burned through Tassajara and that all 5 staff are safe and all buildings are intact. According to him the fire is no longer a threat to Tassajara since it has gone through the area.


Confirmed by Tony Peet at 6:15:

“I just received a call from Tim Johnson of the fire command (Monterey County OES) and confirmed by the folks at Jamestown who told me that Tassajara has survived a run of the of the fire “right down the creek” and that it is essentially out of major danger because “all the fuel around it has burned”. All of the volunteers who stayed are safe. All of the (foil wrapped and gel coated) buildings are intact. There are still hotspots around, but it appears that the worst is over.
This all happened at approximately around 1:30p.m.


And the official update from the Zen Center website this evening:

Dear Friends,

We have heard from Director David Zimmerman and everyone is safe at Tassajara.  The initial hit from the fire has passed to the East but they are still engaged in putting out the occasional spot fires.  We have lost a few buildings, including the birdhouse and the bathroom by the pool.  The Overlook trail hill is burned and part of the lower garden is lost.  We will post a detailed report tomorrow, once all the facts are in.

While there is much work to be done and we’re not completely out of the woods, we are very relieved that the fire has passed and our friends are safe.

Our deepest gratitude to Abbot Steve, David, Mako, Graham and Colin.

Our deepest gratitude to all of you that have worked so hard to contact authorities to help defend Tassajara.



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