7/9 am: The valley, Little Sur, & Office of Emergency Services


I drove through the valley last night and snapped a couple photos. All and all, we dodged a bullet. There are a few startling scenes but when I speak to people who’ve been up in the helicopters and they say it looks like a moonscape up over the ridge, we’re sitting real pretty.

Little Sur river basin had some fire activity last night about 6PM. I’m getting jaded. I looked at it and said to myself, “That’s good. That’ll clean that section out.” The cows were hanging out around the flat area in the turnout overlooking the Little Sur rivermouth looking at me taking pictures of them and eating.

Fire trucks are lined up in an orderly fashion, east of Highway 1 in front of the Hill Ranch. West of Highway 1 at the ranch is now a heliport and fueling station. lots of trucks to service the craft and 4 helicopters were parked there when I went by.

I posted the following information in the NOTICES section of the site:

Monterey County Office of Emergency Services
Rob Clyburn Monterey County Office of Emergency Services is setting up a fire assistance center at the Big Sur Grange Hall.
First Priority is for businesses and residents that were not directly affected by the fire or had minimal impact by the fire. Going to do a quick health and safety inspection. (Lights work, water works… move on to the next business)
Working from north to south.
This begins Wednesday, July 9, 9:00 AM

While doing these rapid assessments, “let us know if you have water damage and we will pay for the testing of the water.”

Once we have a good feel feel for what the community needs the Big Sur Grange Hall will become a “local assistance center.”

A representative from different state agencies will be available.

Hours for seeing people will be from 9AM – 2:00 PM – hours subject to be expanded later.

Expedited permit for small construction, repair and to start the application process for rebuilding your homes will be available at this location.

A representative was at the Community Meeting at the MAF Tuesday night, 7:00 PM

Quick Note from Michael Miller at the Grange:
Michael is having a meeting with local contractors at the Grange on Wednesday, 3:00 PM to speak about rebuilding.


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