7/9 Community meeting minutes


Thank you Linda Rowland-Jones:

IC / Mike Dietrich says the Indians and Basin Complex fire has joined as of today, making a “bath” of the two fires. Tassajara has evacuated as of today. There are 70 miles of line around the entire fire, which is the toughest he’s been on. IC is looking at moving camp on Monday! Down to small IC organization, moving into patrol phase, two helicopters, a couple of crews, they will maintain a presence for several weeks, or months, until considered completely secure. This transition plan will provide a full blown Incident Command if needed.

BSVFB / Frank Pinney says he is glad to see so few of us tonight. Plan is to meet on Friday evening at 7pm at the MAF again, no meeting tomorrow. It’s a tremendous relief to see this fire so much under control. We’ll continue to see flareups but as long as they’re in the black, with no other fuel around, we’re OK. If we see activity around a structure call 911. Remote areas are also being observed far by USFS.

OES / Robert Clayburn continues with community service at Grange, if any questions about repairs, relief programs please come there between 9am and 2pm. Assessments of businesses are now ongoing.

Per Frank Pinney we may have public access via the highway after the weekend, this is being evaluated on a daily basis.

Impact of thermagel on plants and wildlife?
The environmental effect is benign, it is a surfactant (like in baby diapers) it not active, will not hurt plants.
Suggestion is to mist the gel lightly, as in re-hydrating, then when it loosens use straight stream of water and wash it off (it’s slippery!) Dietrich interjects that we may have 4 foot cabbages…

The currently visible plume (from the valley) is on the north side of fire line, they are burning up a corner to secure fire perimeter.

The fires in Buck creek and Burns creek are active, but we want that fire to do what it needs to do, i.e. burn itself OUT in these areas.

The Hot line has gone “cold” and is moving to a taped message as of tomorrow, Thursday 7/10/08. It will give a list of taped numbers for information.

Hooray! Everyone is exhausted and happy at the end of this meeting.


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