7/8 Community Meeting Minutes


Thanks again, Linda Rowland-Jones:

Mike Dietriech, IC report:
23% containment on Basin Complex Fire.
As of 10 am Wednesday, 7/9/08, there will be an advisory evacuation from Julia Pfeiffer Burns to Lucia, this area is no longer under mandatory evacuation!
Residents can enter the area with identification / passes and employees on business lists can also enter the area.
We are expecting higher temperatures tomorrow, which could affect the fire.
We lost some firefighters to the fire in Paradise, CA, and only 3 firefighters experienced minor injuries in this fire to date. There are also amazing maps of fire now available via imaging from military aircraft.

Frank Pinney, BSVFB report:
Yes, the fire is winding down…Please keep driving speed to 30 mph since there are fire trucks and service vehicles. Only residents should be on the east side of the highway.
Although ashes are still falling and air quality is awful, the Post Office will be open tomorrow!

Tuesday morning there was a County planning process mtg, which Supervisor Dave Potter attended. The re-entry planning process is now beginning with a clear need to create systems everyone, businesses and residents, to re-start their normal lives.

Rob  Clayburn, Office of Emergency Services (EOS) report:
Setting up the Emergency Operations Center at the Grange Hall to assess the community’s needs. Also there will be EOS teams out in the field tomorrow, they will sweep down through the valley to assess needs of properties on east & west side. These visits to properties are part of the assessment process; health dept. reviewing safety / health of businesses and residential properties. Assessments of the entire evacuated are need to be done in order to comply with federal assistance agencies.

Thanks to Michael Miller of the Grange Hall for assisting in the EOC set up. There will be  3pm meeting at Grange tomorrow, focusing on builders, contractors and business owners to begin brainstorming on how to repair the damage to Big Sur businesses and residences.

EOS will work hard to find a reasonable solution for the permit request process for the total rebuilding plan. The y will review the historical perspective on testing water, etc. Soon there will be a full fledged EOC, at the Grange Hall, to help individuals affected by the fire with all levels of emergency assistance.

Commander Oakley, Sheriff’s department:
Welcome back! Congratulations on how well our emergency services worked for us, fire folks, local govt. law enforcement, forest service, etc.
Passes can picked up at the Multi-Agency Facility from 8am to noon on Wednesday.
Drive safely and slowly!

Can we staff an official lookout person at Clear Ridge to monitor areas that have hot spots?
Dietrich may consider a volunteer for this, to coordinate communication with USFS. Currently all areas are being overseen, with a plane flying the whole perimeter of the fire daily. USFS patrols are moving around around the clock in all areas.

Dietrich reminded us that smoldering trees in an already burned area is normal, but we need to report fires in un-burned areas to USFS patrols. Ask for assistance if necessary in turning on propane tanks. Residents can go south and north on the highway through closures with a pass effective starting Wednesday at 10am.

Chief Pinney comments that we are here by “jumping the gun.”  The County is being tested in their ability to support us on the fly. Basically, a quick decision has been made to  allow people back in, as one official said: “get her done.”

When will the highway open?
Clean up and assesment needs to come first, which the County and IC will determine. They will make a decision on this by the weekend, possibly before.

All of this is subject to fire conditions which may change with the weather. Be ready to change your plans if necessary and be alert!


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