7/7 9:30am: News from the night


News from the south along the Dolan Ridge line: “They backfired from just above Eagle Rock down to Dairy Canyon last night, starting about 10:30pm, just as the wind turned offshore. It was a firestorm! Flames 100 feet high raging taller than eagle rock, plumes of smoke lit up in the orange glow rising hundreds of feet high, the rock was on fire, headlamps and silhouettes from firefighters standing in front of the massive flames. Everything blew downhill and they made their way along the grassy area down the ridge through the night until about 5am. We were incredibly impressed with the work they did!”

From Burns Creek: The back burn at Burns Creek was active on the scanner last night. Reports from Burns Creek say South Coast Center and other structures in Burns Creek made it through.

From the Big Sur Valley: Everything in the Big Sur valley out to east Molera seems to be relatively quiet.

Electricity is still out in the valley and on down the coast. Phones are working.


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