Some Clarification


To all who are reading this blog I feel there is a bit of clarification that I need to make. There has been some discussion by others that my posts on this blog are being censored or edited by someone other than myself. THIS IS NOT TRUE. 

I personally chose to remove the post regarding Apple Pie Ridge. I felt people were getting too riled up about this and it was taking away from the effort of this blog. Although I take great issue with law enforcement playing such a heavy hand and being rather ‘jackboot’ in their approach to our community by showing up with military style automatic weapons etc., thats a fight for another day. And that’s one for the people directly involved with the situation. Although its important it’s a bit of a distraction from our goal at this point.

We are working to refuel generators to protect homes and businesses inside the closure. Private parties who have their own fire suppression water systems and businesses have been running on generators for some time now. Food supplies are dwindling for those who have remained to defend their properties and are working 12 hours or more each day. Firefighters and people working at this level burn about 6,000 calories a day to maintain this level of activity. 

At the end of the day we have to pick our battles carefully and today, while the firefighters work their butts off to suppress and control this fire, we are trying to get our fuel tanks throughout the community refilled, fix generators, pumps, and water systems that have been broken or failed. Pipes have been broken. People are rigging pumps to draw water out of the creeks.

We are asking for a loosening of these restrictions so that industrial size delivery of fuel can happen and also so that we can move small amounts of gasoline to homeowners who are running their own generators.

Some people are running out of food and this is a concern for us – and yes, of course, when you put your ear to the ground you hear, “they’re going to try to starve us out.”

Thank you all for your support and for your interest in this situation. Lay off Lisa. She’s doing a great job and she, nor anyone else has edited my posts on this Blog. I understand that on the website there have been deletions and so forth. It might be a weakness in the system but on the front page of the site it is clearly stated that the site is being run on the “honor system.” That’s all I’ve got to say about that. 

Stan Russell


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