7/6 12:45pm: Update from Frank Pinney


Just got off the phone with Frank and asked questions I’ve been hearing, as well as getting some good updates:

– The lines along the highway through the whole central valley, Molera down to Ventana, are holding well, including the area up above the residences through Pfeiffer State Park.

– There was a flare up on Partington earlier today, crews were on it right away. (Sorry, no details yet.)

– The primary focus today is on building and holding the northern and southern lines before the expected weather change. There are burning operations happening south of Palo Colorado at the old Marble Cone line and reinforcements working down at Dolan.

– Re: rumors of looting: There have been no official reports of theft filed, so it has made official investigation of the rumors impossible. Unofficial reports confirm one generator missing from a residence, but there are no other confirmed reports of thefts that we know of. There are scouts going through back roads and visiting residences on the west side of the highway occasionally doing contingency planning, but ALL OF THEM WILL BE IN OFFICIAL FOREST SERVICE OR FIRE VEHICLES. Residents are encouraged to check in with other locals you see who may be sharing and borrowing supplies from one another. If you see any suspicious activity in your area, please either contact the Sheriff’s department or call the Community Hotline – 831-667-2317 and give as much detail as you can.

– Re-entry: Meetings with county officials are taking place now working on plans for re-entry. Right now the intention is have re-entry for infrastrucure re-build before re-entry for residents. Resident re-entry is likely several days away, but re-entry for infrastructure support could happen mid-week.


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