7/5 noon: Molera to Ventana update from the Highway


Reported by phone from Jonathan Farrington:

Walking through Ventana campground, it has burned down to the GM house, burned on the east side of the staff housing all the way around to the upper staff housing, but all structures are intact.  Other than spot fires, there are no active fires in this immediate area right now.  All appears to be pretty calm this morning from Pico Blanco through the state park, but visibility is very poor today because the smoke is so heavy.

No fire is visible from the Highway between Captain Cooper and the Loma Vista area.  There are some backfiring operations happening into the canyon on the east side of the highway across from the post office/ bakery/ Loma Vista area that appear to be going as planned.  There is still no fire on the west side of the highway.  And to answer some questions I’ve been getting, the Captain Cooper fence and signs there are confirmed safe.

FEMA trucks have been coming through and gelling buildings.  They gelled most of the Ventana structures.  All structures visible from the highway between Molera and Ventana have engine protection right now.


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