Midnight Update from Post Ranch Inn


Looking from Billy Post’s house across the canyon to the Post Creek watershed. The fire is settling down and hasn’t quite reached the freshly cut firebreak. There are hot shot crews working in the Post Creek watershed setting a back fire which seems to be working as planned. We’ve had some gusts of wind and some flare ups but for the most part nothing too alarming. Mostly burning the understory and a few trees got caught up in the rush.

Late this afternoon we had good helicopter coverage. A “heavy” was delivering some heavy doses of sea water and a couple more helicopters were putting the kabosh on some advancing fire lines.

Looking north to the Gorge there are some flare-ups on the south shoulder in brush and occasionally a glow rises up out of the Gorge. Earlier this evening the north shoulder of the Gorge was burning a bright ruby red in lines folding south-west.

Juan Higuera watershed and Ewoldson have had activity all night – much the same as last night – a broken line of fire moving down from the ridge.

All calm at Ventana Inn.

In the last 32 hours Post Ranch Inn has pumped 132,300 gallons of water into the pond and into the water tenders for this fire effort.

We’re doing shifts on fire watch. I slept from about 8pm to 10:15 and took over for Butch about 10:30 tonight. Marcus was up watching the fire. Mike Esparca, Jesus Gonzalez and I are hanging outside taking advantage of the T1 wi-fi and the warm evening. If not for the fires it would be a rockin’ nice evening.

Ice cold Corona beckons. Happy 4th of July.


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