5:15pm 7/3: Update from Jonathan Farrington at Ventana


This is Lisa Goettel, posting on behalf of Jonathan Farrington, who is calling me with updates by phone when he is without internet. This is from Jonathan at Ventana after driving to Molera base camp and back at 5:08pm this evening:

View of the Gorge at 5pm on 7/3

View of the Gorge at 5pm on 7/3

Last night the fire burned actively on Big Sur gorge above Ventana and three structures were lost. Houses that have burned include: the Conant or Tower house (formerly Ventana property,) Judge Burleigh’s home, and the Golog home. Johnny Rivers’ home is intact.

The fire is very active on both sides of the gorge below Ventana near Pfeiffer State park.

All businesses are fine along the highway corridor. The fire has not crossed the highway anywhere between Andrew Molera and Grimes Canyon. The fire is not very active or visible from the highway north of Little Sur gorge/ Manuel Peak area at this time.

The report from Ventana, as of 5pm Thursday:

Upon a drive-through of the property this afternoon, all Inn structures are intact. The property is running on generator and the water supply is being utilized for structure protection and working the fire line. All employee housing is intact. The fire has burned into the campground, and strike teams are in place actively protecting the inn and employee housing.


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