5:10pm 7/3: 3 Helicopters defending the valley from the Gorge to Mule Canyon


There are three helicopters working the watershed from the Gorge to Mule Canyon. They brought in a “heavy” which is a double prop – like huey, helicopter. They are pulling water from the pond at Post Ranch Inn and the ocean. Flames are about 150 or more in Higuera Creek – the drainage that empties at the Grange Hall.

They have shifted their focus to the south watershed next to the Gorge. It it flaring up and burning off the chaparell and scrub. (you’ll have to excuse spelling on this blog).

Post Creek, the canyon just north of Ventana Inn is still smoldering in the redwoods. The watershed from Post Creek to the gorge is continuing to burn through the scrub down toward the highway.

Video footage of the Tower House burning last night is posted on Youtube.com here:

We watched 3 homes burn last night. At about 2:20 into the video the propane tank starts releasing gas and pressure through its relief valve. Its a very handy valve to keep the tank from blowing up and it throws a frightening flame. Watch it. It consumes a tree when it it jettisons the fuel.


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